1. Policy on Information Security Management System

The ‘information assets’ of Jupiter Corporation include all knowledge, technologies and products generated by every process pertaining to the planning, development and sale of video game software, and by every process pertaining to the planning, development and sale of video game peripheral devices, merchandise and toys. The term also encompasses information needed for development provided by Jupiter’s corporate trading partners, customers and collaborators.Information assets are time-sensitive materials and can be sources of vast untapped dividends. Creating appropriate security measures for information assets to properly protect them against threats such as loss, theft or unauthorized use is an activity used to maintain the trust of corporate trading partners, customers and collaborators. It forms the foundation we use to actively bring to life our corporate vision—Games to Make the Whole World Smile. Our motto is “Egao no aru sekai no souzou. Let’s play! Let’s smile!” Along with specific physical, environmental and technological security measures, a keen security awareness is needed, with actions that demonstrate a proper respect for the issues involved. Our policy on information security is set forth below. It serves as the guideline we use for appropriate protection of the assets we own.

2. Policy on information security

1) Definition

Information security is the process of ensuring and maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability.

  1. 1. Confidentiality: Preventing access by unauthorized personnel.
  2. 2. Integrity: Protecting information assets to prevent falsification or destruction due to intentional actions, negligence or disasters
  3. 3. Availability: Preventing system shutdowns due to intentional actions, negligence or disasters, to enable access to information assets when needed

2) Applicability

Jupiter Corporation’s information security management shall apply to the organizations, work processes and network configurations below.

1. Organizations: Jupiter Corporation
Jupiter Corporation
2. Work processes
Planning, development and sale of video game software and video game peripheral devices, merchandise and toys.

3) Steps required

  1. 1. Ensuring and maintaining the basic requirements of information security: confidentiality, integrity and availability
  2. 2. Ensuring there no violations in business requirements, legal or regulatory requirements, or contractual security obligations
  3. 3. Creating preventive and recovery procedures to prevent business activities being interrupted by major failures or disasters; reviewing these procedures periodically
  4. 4. Setting up the Information Security Committee, an internal organization used to oversee information security throughout the Company; implementing, applying, maintaining and promoting security measures for information assets
  5. 5. Carrying out periodic information security education and training activities for all applicable employees
  6. 6. Reporting and investigating all information security violations and suspected weak areas
  7. 7. Setting standards for risk assessments used to implement security measures appropriate for business administration (up to the acceptable level); systematic risk assessments

4) Responsibilities and obligations; disciplinary regulations

  1. 1. The President shall hold the responsibility for information security. To fulfill this responsibility, the President must provide the information required by the applicable employees, and play a leadership role in promoting information security management.
  2. 2. To protect the Company’s interests and increase customer satisfaction, the applicable employees must sustain and comply with the Policy when handling information resources. Employees who violate the Policy shall be punished as specified in the Office Regulations.

5) Periodic review

Information security management systems must be periodically reviewed to adapt to changes in the environment, and security measures appropriately maintained and improved.

Jupiter Corporation
Hirofumi Murakami