About us


A Well-Balanced Lineup of ”Egao no aru sekai no souzou

A company that excels in balance like a “Yajirobei”(Balancing Toy).

Since our establishment in June 1992, Jupiter has worked in a variety of business areas,
driven by our corporate vision-“ Creating a world with smiles. Let’s play! Let’s smile!”
This slogan was our starting point and is where we always return—an approach that will never change.

With our excellent sense of balance as a weapon, riding the wave of any era, reinventing and redefining ourselves in a variety of ways.
This will certainly allow us to target every user around the world.

As we continually seek out new challenges,
we will continue bringing smiles to the faces of an ever-growing group of users around the world,
never losing sight of our identity as the company that makes games to bring smiles to the world.

Jupiter Corporation
Makoto Nakayama



Increasing people that can understand and share the same value, bringing smiles from Monozukuri— wholehearted creation.

In relation to environmental changes and technology advancements, the state of entertainment, lifestyle and workstyle are constantly changing.
We will have to take these changes as opportunities to evolve and continuously pursue new challenges regarding Monozukuri—wholehearted creation.

I believe gathering of colleagues with various techniques and individuality,
without being affected by the conventional standards and habits,
enjoying Monozukuri— wholehearted creation to the fullest as their own protagonist will create not only the clients’ smile but also ours.

“Gathering people that can share the same value of bringing smiles from Monozukuri— wholehearted creation”

It is the policy that is of utmost importance.

Jupiter Corporation
Hirofumi Murakami


Company name
Jupiter Corporation
Makoto Nakayama
Chairman & Representative Director   Makoto Nakayama
President & Representative Director   Hirofumi Murakami
Managing Director   Norichika Meguro
Director   Kouji Matsuoka
Headquarters location
331-16 Suo-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan 612-8368
June 11, 1992
60 million yen
Annual turnover
Approximately 480 million yen(December 31, 2023)
Number of employees
51(April 1, 2024)
Business areas
Planning, developing and selling video game software;
planning, developing and selling products licensed by Nintendo;
planning, developing and selling Magic Kraft paper figurines
Group Company
Shinsei Industry Co.,Ltd.

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