From a boundless world of unlimited imagination, we create new products based on our four pillars of “Software for Home Game Consoles”, “Software for Portable Game Systems”, “Licensed Game Console Products”, and “Magic Craft”.

Game Software

  • Nintendo switch
  • Nintendo 3DS・DSi・DS
  • iPhon・iPod ouch・iPad
  • Android
  • Game Boy・Game Boy Color・Game Boy Advance
  • Pokémon Mini
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System・Nintendo Power Cartridge
  • PlayStation
  • XaviX
  • Other Hardware

Nintendo Co., Ltd. Nintendo Licensed Products

  • Nintendo products
  • Ultraman products

Magic Craft

Magic Craft is pre-cut, pre-glued! It is papercraft where you can easily make popular characters without using scissors or glue. Many kinds of Magic Craft have been sold, including “Pokémon” and “Hamtaro”. (Utility Model Registration No. 3048763)

  • Pokemon Craft
  • Other Crafts