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Working Zombies


Models Nintendo Switch
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Genre Busy working action!
Release Date june 18,2020(EU,US,HK)
Publisher Jupiter

Jupiter is proud to present...
Working zombies in action!

Kindhearted zombies who get no love just because they're zombies...
They work hard to gain the approval of humans!

Play as flight attendants, nursery school teachers, hairstylists, and plumbers!
The zombies try out four different professions!
With over 100 unique stages for you to master!

And still more trials await after you've completed them all...?!
Enjoy local multiplayer with up to 4 players!
Play with friends or family!

*This software is only available from the
Nintendo eShop. (Not sold in stores)

Visit the official site for more information.

The official site is here

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