Game Software Nintendo Switch

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Models Nintendo Switch(Download Software)
Genre Puzzle
Release Date Sep 28, 2017(EU,US)
Publisher Jupiter

Picross first debuted on Nintendo hardware over 20 years ago, and has seen iterations of the beloved puzzle game ever since. Picross e for the 3DS was able to achieve 500,000 downloads, and continues to get serialized releases. And now Picross S is the newest game in the series—evolved to be better than ever.

This time around, 300 puzzles are available in Picross and Mega Picross modes. In addition to keeping the useful assist function of the past series, ease of play and game quality remain unchanged.
Unique to the Nintendo Switch, two player mode is now supported. Working together on puzzles provides a fun new way of playing for fans of the series.

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The official site is here

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